Frequently asked questions

How much are series continuations?

If you've bought at least 3 covers in a cozy series series then $60. For typography covers then it is cover dependent. See more here.

How much are paperback wraps?

$30 per cover, for both customs and premades. See more here.

What is your lead time on custom covers?

Currently about 3 weeks. If I have no large projects on it may be sooner!

What is your process for custom covers? Is there a deposit to pay?

Yes, after we've established that I can provide you with what you need and shown you some mock ups there is a $50 deposit to cover time and stock imagery. The balance is due on receipt of the final covers. You can see full details of the process here.

Can I request changes to your premades?

Usually yes, if the change is minor, like colours or removal of small features. Adding features or objects may incur a charge if it will take a long time or if I need to buy more stock imagery. Email kim@kimscozycovers.com and let me know what you want to change before purchasing and I'll let you know.

How do you send mock ups, etc?

I find facebook messenger the easiest way to send lots of images quickly when working through designs. I will always email the final files are they are much larger as they are full quality. Also, there are some added perks to being a member of my Facebook group :)